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Sunday, July 29, 2007

FoxSaver 1.3.2 Released!

This release fixed errors that causes extension conflicts. Also added options to hide the status bar and foxsaver logo. The sidebar in fullscreen mode is also hided.

If you feel annoyed by FoxSaver in any way, please let us know!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

FoxSaver 1.3.1 Released!

We made great process on this release, after some really hard work!

You can view your own pictures!!! The pictures currently need to be on local hard disk! Later release will read your RSS feeds. It's also very memory efficient. Previously we delayed this feature because FireFox keep all the pictures in memory. By some low-level programming, we released all the memory cleanly. There is no memory leak.

What's more, FoxSaver is much more efficient, minimizing memory usage and network activities. When starting up, FoxSaver won't do any work except a simple timer. No other CPU/memory/network resources will be spent on FoxSaver unless you have idled Firefox long enough to start FoxSaver.

Let us know if you like it or you need any feature! We like your criticism also!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Working on the next release!

We are working hard and making great progress!

The released version sometimes repeats the same pictures because of slow network. The new version will cache images more smartly.

We also added slideshowing your own directory! But, somehow we are having difficulty to release the memory when you have hundreds or thousands of pictures. So, we will randomly select 50 of local images for now. If you have any clue to avoid images in the memory, please help!

Please be patient, we will release FoxSaver 1.3 this Monday or Tuesday!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

FoxSaver 1.2 released!

After one week's hard work, we have re-engineered most part of the code. New features include:

  • User can control display time.
  • Options to avoid starting in video sites, like,
  • User can turn off special effects to save CPU usage.
  • Avoid multiple FoxSaver tabs issue.
  • Avoid possible memory leak.
  • Avoid starting in popup windows.

We are also working on new features, especially on adding new sources of pictures like flickr, and also pictures from your own hard drive.

Please leave a comment to let us know what you want, or simply show your support! We need your encouragement. :)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Did you know?

FoxSaver Usage:
  1. If FireFox is minimized, FoxSaver won't try to start.
  2. If the window is a pop-up, FoxSaver won't try to start, to avoid annoying ads.
  3. Try several FoxSaver at the same time!
  4. If there are several FireFox windows, FoxSaver will not try to go to fullscreen.
Sumbit Pictures:
  1. Right Click on any picture you like, and "Recommend it to FoxSaver".
  2. The site is in very beta mode. Please bear with bugs.

FoxSaver FAQ

  1. When I want to choose pictures under my Linux Ubuntu I can't choose any jpg because it is disabled to select. What is wrong? The problem is that the selection is for selecting directories, not a single specific image file.
  2. Some of the photos are so extroordinary, I'd love to access them separately. Currently the images are cached. Just use the "Tools"->"FoxSaver"->"Options..."->"Choose Photos"->"Browse Cache Directory"
    to see all the pictures.
  3. How to uninstall? In FireFox, follow "Tools"->"Add-ons"->"FoxSaver"->"Uninstall". But please drop us a comment telling us why you don't like FoxSaver. We really want to hear your criticisms.
  4. What are those "Media RSS URLs" for and how do they work exactly? How can I use them? Media RSS is one kind of RSS format, which basically contains a list of pictures. There are some RSS feeds on website also. You can copy and paste the URL to the field, and those pictures will be shown.
  5. What is that webpage URL and how can I use that? The webpage URL should points to a web page, that will show up when FireFox is idle, in stead of starting the FoxSaver slideshow.
  6. Is there any possibility to find or better copy the url of the current
    picture to the clipboard? The "i" button will direct you to the FoxSaver website, which should have enough information for you. For local pictures, well, we can add the local URL later.
  7. Is it possible to have more than one picture folder on the local harddisk activated at the same time? Not at this time. Seems kind of complicated to do. You can easily switch directory by using "Choose Pictures..." when right click on the FoxSaver icon from the statusbar. If you have multiple directories, why not put those directory under one parent directory, and you can set the directory to this parent directory. All pictures will be listed and displayed.
  8. May be it would be also interesting to have a quick mood switch with
    different folder selection? Well, kind of similar to last question. You can use "Choose Pictures..." to change the directory.
  9. Doesn't work with NoScript pluggin? The latest NoScript vers. no longer blocks FoxSaver when run with default settings, but at least with unchecked box *Forbid IFRAME*, which is on tab 'Plugins' in NoScript Options window. I can check most of the 'block'-boxes, I only have to leave Forbid IFRAME unchecked - for both versions of FF, both Win2k and WinXP. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

FoxSaver 1.0 Released!

FoxSaver 1.0 is just released!

FoxSaver turns idle FireFox into ScreenSaver with nice pictures!

The pictures are updated everyday and hand-picked from the web.
They are really nice and non-offensive, good for office computers!

  1. Turns Your FireFox into ScreenSaver!
  2. New Pictures Everyday!
  3. Easily toggle on/off.
  4. Full Screen if FireFox is maximized.
  5. If you have dual monitor, you can move your FireFox to another screen and enjoy the view while working!
And you can hide your personal stuff from colleagues and bosses if you leave your desk for a while. :)