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Sunday, August 12, 2007

FoxSaver 2.1 Released!

FoxSaver 2.1 is released!

This is should be the best and cleanest code ever produced.

One major improvement is that we have tested many Media RSS feeds on sources other than flickr. So if you want to add some RSS feeds that doesn't work, please let us know!

Another major improvement is that we should haven avoided all future extension conflicts. We used some public library, and found it's conflicting with other extensions. Previously we didn't really know what went wrong, until one user, Aly, who clearly identified one extension. And we got into the extension's source code, found the conflicting library. We have put a namespace for all of our source code. So the problem should be gone. If it ever happens, please do let us know!

And please blog about us! We are thinking about "User Recommended Pictures". If you want to be the first several users, please blog about us and send us your blog to "foxsaver at". We will send you the registration link when the website is ready!

If you like FoxSaver, or hate it, please let us know! We want to improve it!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

FoxSaver 2.0 Released!

We made great process on this release!

First, you can view your own pictures via Media RSS!
So if you have an online album, you can view it on every computer you have FoxSaver installed!
You can install FoxSaver on your parents' computer, fill in your RSS URL, then they can see your pictures without doing anything! If you update your online album, they will see it! However, only Flickr is well tested now.

Secondly, the images are cached. So each day, you only need to download new pictures once.
Can not be more lean and efficient than that.

Thirdly, many small UI tweaks.
  • Idle minutes can be changed without restart.
  • Sidebar can be optionally hided.
  • Local directory can be directly changed.
  • Do not start in minimized mode.
Please let us know if you want some features or just show your support!