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Sunday, October 28, 2007

FoxSaver released!

Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions! We have been working on the website and improving FoxSaver. We may have forgotten to answer several comments, but we believe we listened and have fixed most of bugs.

We actually added a new feature: Search with a picture! OK, it's not really search via a picture, but search alongside a picture. We will show a picture from FoxSaver sources( be it from FoxSaver website, RSS feed, or your local disk pictures ) in the empty space left by Google's search page!

Let us know if you want any feature, or want any bugs fixed!

Remember to share your pictures! We like pictures that's generally nice, no manga, porn, personal stuff for now.

For now, pictures from first-time recommenders will be reviewed to get listed. If you are a good recommender, you will get your pictures automatically listed later.

Also, please let us know whether you like the Facebook account requirement. We use it to minimize spams, and encourage real users. We may setup a true FoxSaver user account system later, depending on feedbacks from you!